SABRENet fibre helps to deliver Adelaide's Gig City

Adelaide will be part of the Gig City network, offering businesses internet speeds of up to 100-times the national average, and at least 10 times the download speed of the National Broadband Network, to innovation precincts in Adelaide.  The network will make Adelaide the first Gig City in Australia and the capital of ultra-fast internet for business, attracting investment from high tech global companies, as well as creating jobs in future industries.

Gig City will build upon the existing capability of SABRENet and commercial Internet Service Providers and telecommunications companies to deploy new fibre connections to key innovation precincts in two implementation stages through a four year program funded by the Government of South Australia.  The innovation precincts are:

  1. Tonsley Innovation District
  2. Technology Park
  3. Techport Maritime Precinct
  4. TechInSA
  5. St Paul's Creative Centre
  6. Southstart CoWork
  7. Hub Adelaide
  8. Science Park
  9. South Australia Food Innovation Centre
  10. Adelaide Smart City Studio
  11. SA Film Corp
  12. The Mill
  13. Carclew's Fifth Quarter
  14. Stretton Centre

For further information on Adelaide Gig City please visit Adelaide Gig City website. 


SABRENet celebrates turning 10!

On Monday 28th September 2015 SABRENet celebrated 10 years of inauguration with a well attended cocktail party.  The cocktail party and networking event provided an opportunity for people involved with SABRENet since its inception, together with participants, industry figures and representatives from SABRENet connected sites to network and celebrate this exciting milestone.


SABRENet on YouTube

Building Networks Through Collaboration:

Questnet 2014 presentation by Ralph Leonard, CEO SABRENet. 

Collaboration is a fundamental part of SABRENet's success and working collaboratively is a fundamental part of the company’s DNA. Through the united action of its Members the company has created a substantial fibre optic network asset with a management model that delivers outstanding and enduring value to its members and customers. The presentation provides an overview of SABRENet and illustrates how collaboration has been integral to SABRENet's development.


Musical Performance: SABRENet Launch

This interactive musical performance was recorded in 2007, but remains a powerful illustration of what can be achieved when educational institutions have easy, affordable access to infrastructure of the type offered by SABRENet.